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Facial Recognition Access Control Software 



We live in an age when the threats to our security are as complex and diverse as terrorism where the spread of weapons of mass destruction resulting in increasing crime rates and life threats to people around the world. Our research shows that many of these security issues require an improved response time for first responders created by innovative technology such as ours. Our facial recognition access control software is a product that can be integrated in educational facilities, corporations, government buildings, border patrols and airport security systems. Our facial recognition access control software can also be integrated as a third party verification system for online logins to online university courses, bank accounts as well as an application to prevent children from connecting to inappropriate web sites. Also, our software can also be applied to locate missing people and locate wanted fugitives.

Innovative Solution

Innovative Solution In 2014, FaceChecks completed the first “Beta Test” of our Facial Recognition Access Control Software system at the University of Bridgeport’s “Chaffee” dormitory. Now, we are extending our system to all other facilities on campus that need our technology and additional security. At the same time, our software is being refined for an “online authentication” system for students that “log-in” to online courses and tests for University of Bridgeport online courses. The images collected from our system are to be used as historical data. These images can be used by campus security to investigate incidents on campus. These images are stored on a secure cloud for the use of “security personnel” only. We are installing additional cameras on campus to refine and extend our system. This extension of our beta test will help refine our product for market as well as have multiple benefits for the University of Bridgeport.

Proposed benefits for the University of Bridgeport are as follows:

1. Improved and increased security on campus and for online courses.

2. Substantiate the University of Bridgeport’s ability to “market” increased security and technological advancements on campus.

3. A system that can identify “targets” who are not allowed on the University campus and send alerts to guards on duty.

4. A system that can be rolled out to other universities and private schools in Connecticut with similar security challenges.

5. A system that can have a national impact on school and university security improvements and upgrades.

Innovative in the marketplace

Our software is innovative for the following reasons: We have patent pending, exclusive technology that has been in development at the University of Bridgeport since shortly after 9/11. Once integrated into the marketplace, our software improves the accuracy level of security systems, biometric systems and login authentication systems currently in place. Using multiple algorithms we are able to improve the accuracy of facial recognition performance as well. Also, we have the University of Bridgeport signed on as an “Early Adopter” and as a reference for other schools and universities with similar security challenges.


Since 2012, FaceChecks team has been instrumental in bringing the University of Bridgeport’s facial recognition software to commercialization. FaceChecks team has received funding from Connecticut Innovations “Tech Start”, “Technology Talent Bridge” and “Entrepreneur Innovation Award” programs as well as funding from the Connecticut Center from Advanced Technologies “SBIP” Program. A total of funding close to 100K. FaceChecks was also awarded Connecticut Innovations “EIA Audience Favorite Pitch Award”, and was named one of the “2013 Tech Companies to Watch” at the CT Innovation Summit. In the process, we have hired and trained six students from the University of Bridgeport. Our goal is to create the highest quality security software products to improve the level of safety and security for our clients at work, home and in cyber space.


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